Nourish Your Body, Inside and Out!

So, what’s great about sprouts?

1.   Sprouts are a “living food.” Unlike other fruit and vegetables, which lose a significant amount of vitamins by the time they reach your table, sprouts continue to produce nutrients after being harvested

2.   Sprouts Have a Higher Nutritional Content Than Any Other Food. A sprouted seed, bean or nut has many times the nutritional value than the non-sprouted version. Replacing the lettuce in your salad with sprouts will give you 5 times the protein, 6 times the Vitamin C and 7 times the B Complex Vitamins.

3.   The Most Enzyme-Rich Food You Can Find. Enzymes act as a catalyst for the chemical reactions in our bodies while helping us digest essential nutrients in our food. A sprouted seed, nut or bean has a whopping 43 times the enzyme power when compared to the non-sprouted variety.

4.   Sprouts Are High in Anti-Oxidants. Anti-oxidants protect our DNA from damage and slow down the effects of aging.

5.   Sprouts Are Rich In Chlorophyll. Chlorophyll cleanses our blood and detoxifies our system. It has the ability to regenerate our bodies on a cellular and molecular level. 

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