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Jonathan Sprouts


LOVE the skin salve & deodorant ... Looking forward to trying more of your products.


I am not your typical skin cream consumer. Simply put; I have NEVER used a product that didn’t make me itch, burn and/or cry when applied to my face. That is until I tried Jonathan Sprouts creams and soap made from natural vegetable/herb-derived ingredients.

I particularly enjoy Jonathan’s face cream which leaves my skin feeling soft and smells wonderful as it is infused with goodies like chamomile and patcholie and, most importantly, doesn’t make my eyes tear. Unlike other creams, Jonathan’s scents are not overbearing, but delicate and natural smelling -a very good balance.

Jonathan’s lip balm is smooth and luxurious feeling. It immediately remedies my dry winter lips and keeps them from chapping. The balm is especially helpful towards keeping my lips from drying out during winter runs.

As a person who cannot go a summer without contracting poison ivy, Jonathan Sprout soap is a godsend.  It has sped up my recovery from poison ivy which typically takes weeks to dry. It also helps quell the itch and has a pleasant clean and fresh smell without drying out your skin.Great products from a great source.

Dori Carella, Rhode Island

I had a rash on my back. I’ve tried Neosporin, cortisone cream and none of it worked. Then I tried Jonathan’s Sprouts broccoli infused skin cream and the rash went away! It worked beautifully!

Satisfied customer in Maine

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